Our Mission:
Positive Politics

I want to bring together people with varying personalities and create an environment where each person will be respected and listened to regardless of how long they've been on council. Under my leadership, this upcoming council will be a "we" council, not a "me" council. We need to check our egos at the door. We want leadership that's not divisive - leadership that brings people together rather than apart. We need a collective collaboration process. Let's start fresh as a team and continue making our city stronger and more vibrant.


My Initiatives

It's safe to say that all candidates for mayor and council will be talking about job creation, tourism, community safety, and health issues. My campaign will be a grass-roots program and you will see me at your door asking you for your vision for our city. 


Active transportation

Less than three years ago, Belleville had no bike lanes and only had trails created in the 90s. Thanks to Council, we have started a very strong cycling network consisting of multi-purpose trails, bikes lanes, and road sharing programs. We will institute traffic calming measures to address high-risk and older areas and develop a complete streets policy.


green task force

We will continue to address a long term strategic plan for the city. I strongly believe that green initiatives like the Quench Buggy must continue in our beautiful city. We will continue to educate people on how they can reduce single use plastics and continue green programs such as the: Tree seedling giveaway, rain barrel sales, metal water bottles, and the soon to be launched cigarette butt program. I will also ensure that City Hall and other city owned buildings maximize any energy savings options.


affordable housing

All citizens deserve decent housing no matter their personal experience. 

Vacancy rates are too low, and for Belleville to increase it's desirability as a city that welcomes new business, we must commit to developing strategies to increase the number and type of housing available to accommodate this growth.

Successful models of affordable, safe housing ownership models include Habitat for Humanity; Tiny homes movement; garden Apartments; home share; co-ops; collectives; tax relief incentives , down payment relief, no interest loans, Landlord incentives, are studied and made available. 

The citizens with lived experience of living pay cheque to pay cheque or on government funded pension programs have immense knowledge to share with us as we shape a healthy, vibrant community. 

doctor recruitment

We will continue to work hard on our doctor recruitment and retention program. I strongly support Councillor Carr's lead in pursuing a nurse practitioner program. We will continue to use Veridian dividends for family doctors and continue to donate to Quinte Health for much needed equipment. I want to examine expanding our search to include specialty doctors to address the shortage in specialized services in our city. I want to ensure that Belleville can give the quality of life that its citizens deserve.



Arts and culture mean a great deal to me and our community. A well-balanced municipality that develops arts and culture as well as sports and leisure is what we need to strive for. I will also ensure the pendulum stays centralized to ensure more equal and adequate funding.





The Belleville Intelligencer

Boyce's ability to bridge differences is evidenced when voting at council. Understand both sides of the divide within chambers his ability to move between factions is a big plus when considering the best candidate to chair an oft-conflicted room.

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Ian Stock

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

I fully support and endorse Egerton Boyce in his campaign for Mayor of Belleville. Ege has what it takes to lead the City of Belleville going forward. He knows where we've been, and he knows where we're going. His refreshing, consultative leadership style will enable us to build bridges with our community partners to help make the Quinte region THE place to live, work and play in Ontario. His always accessible, quiet, getting-things-done behind the scenes approach to working with all citizens has earned my respect and the respect of many others. He is ready. I think he would make an outstanding Mayor of Belleville.


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